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Art Program Resources

Thanks for stopping by the Art Resource Page. Here you will find all the docs, links and resources you will need to deliver the monthly Art Lessons. 

Questions, comments, and input are all VERY welcome, so please don't hesitate to reach out!

Paint Brushes
November Projects -
Mix Up Some Color

This month we will be talking about how colors blend to make new colors. You have a choice of two projects--Coffee Filter Color Wheels and/or a fun project with the art of Sonia Delauney.


The Coffee Filter Project is fun for any grade and uses markers and water to create a fun tie-dyed color wheel. The Sonia Delayney Projects get grades 3-5 using rulers, protractors and water color to create unique paintings with blended color

Keep scrolling to find the project instructions. The carts are loaded and ready to go, so have fun!


Additionally, in the art area there are a variety of books related to color and art that the students might enjoy. We provided a range of books for K-5 which can be useful if you finish with the project early.


As always, if you need help or don't have a room parent, let me know and I am happy to visit your class.

Nicole Orsini

Volunteer Art Docent 

Sonia Delauney Project
Coffee Filter Project

Art Contact:

Nicole Orsini

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