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How you can help

Box Tops for Education


Check out the Boxtops website to see how you can start earning money for Knob Hill. Download the APP here.

Paper boxtops will still be accepted until their expiration date. Clip them from participating products. Students should bring them to the designated drop off location in their classroom. 

PLEASE NOTE: Box Tops for Education MUST  show a non-expired date. So, for maximum benefit for our school, please cut them out carefully on the dashed line. And turn them in often.

~Click here for special offers on the products you already buy with Box Tops! 

Boxtops will be collected on the 2nd Thursday of each month.

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Restaurant Nights

Join us for one of our many Restaurant Nights!  From Rubios, to Flippin' Pizza, to Panda Express, plus more, there's  something for everybody.  You get to skip a night of cooking & our school gets a percentage of the proceeds!  It's a win-win for us all! 

Donations Accepted

Don't have time?  We understand!  Your monetary donations are & appreciated as well.  

What your donation goes towards:

  • Our wonderful AR (Accelerated Reading) program

  • Our Art and Music program

  • Technology

  • Sports & Fitness- playground equipment etc.

  • Scholarship program to graduating Seniors in San Marcos School District. 

Sponsor 1.jpg

 If you own a business or know someone who would like to sponsor events or donate to the PTO, we would GREATLY appreciate it!  It's tax deductible and for a great cause.

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Become a Sponsor
Matching Donations

Did you know that many  companies will match employee monthly donations?  Wondering if your company will donate?  Ask them or click here to see if your company or perhaps any of your friends' companies will match a donation.  It doesn't hurt to ask right?


Visit our volunteer page here to find out more about our volunteer opportunities.
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