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2021-2022 Annual Donation Drive

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Support your student directly through the Donation Drive!

Why do we do this? The funds raised over the next two weeks will DIRECTLY support Knob Hill students and teachers throughout the year. In the past, PTO has provided library remodels, art kits, PE kits, Rocketbooks, an art program, teacher appreciation weeks, and, most importantly, the funds to keep our school counselor.

Our goal for this year is $25k! Everything going on in the past two school years has highlighted the importance of creativity in our students. Whether it was wiggling away the stress during the Dance-a-thon, relaxing with the PTO provided art kit, or expressing emotions through classroom art, our Hawk students were able to harness their creativity in a positive way.

In line with this, PTO’s goal is to support a structured art program from the entire campus in partnership with the Escondido Center for the Arts. This is the same program that was piloted last year with our LEVs students, and was so successful that it has been requested for all students at Knob Hill. This means that each student on campus will participate in a structured, professionally designed art program to not only expand their art skills, but to also learn about art theory, different artists and time periods, along with artistic styles, tips and tricks.

Additionally, reaching our goal would also provide the funds to create fun Sensory Break paths throughout the campus. Sensory paths are colorful paths that encourage children to do fun things to “get the wiggles out” so they can focus once they are back in the classroom. Studies show that kids of all ages benefit from brain breaks--Sensory paths create a fun space to hit that cognitive reset button while hopping from lily pad to lily pad like a frog, tiptoeing around crazy lines, or hopscotching to the ABCs. With enough funds (and some creative volunteers) paths geared toward each grade level can be sprinkled throughout the outdoor breezeways.

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